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Caring for Dogs with Sensitive Skin

May 21, 2014

Some canines, just like people, have more sensitive skin than others with problems such as dry, flaky skin, itchiness, inflammation or a dull coat affecting a vast range of the dog population in a variety of breeds. Skin issues can be caused by many factors with a range of environmental/management problems resulting in poor skin. In addition food intolerances or the lack of important nutrients ...

Manage the Mud at your Yard!

Jan 03, 2014

After extreme wet weather, countless yards are trying to cope with muddy conditions with a large amount of rain nationwide leaving us paddling in the mud at the yard and in fields which have already suffered significant damage. More importantly than struggling around in our wellies some equine owners are having to deal with skin conditions developed by our horses and ponies as a result of the b...

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