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Avoiding Equine Insulin Resistance Laminitis

Jul 24, 2016

Insulin Resistance is a condition which effects horses and means that their bodies do not process glucose properly. Similar to Diabetes in humans the condition can be dangerous and debilitating. Scientific Nutritional Products takes a look in our latest blog... Glucose itself is a fuel and provides energy for the horse at a cellular level and Insulin acts as a vehicle for this glucose deliveri...

Feeding the Good Doer

Jul 16, 2014

Certain horses and ponies are what is known as 'good doers', these types are typically native breeds such as the Connemara, Highlands, Shetlands and New Forest ponies to name but a few. These breeds are easy keepers as they have evolved to survive in harsh conditions hence are able to 'make the most of poor quality grazing whilst constantly being on the move for better pasture. The majority of ...

Keep Your Equine’s Waistline in Check!

Aug 02, 2013

Feeding horses and ponies that are prone to gaining weight can be a real puzzle for lots equine owners. Just like us some equines are the characterised by only having to look at a lush pasture to gain a few pounds, but how do we keep their waistline in check whilst providing all nutrients they need to live a healthy lifestyle? Some breeds, particularly native types are sensitive to grass which ...

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