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Supporting your Horse’s Joints this Season

Nov 29, 2017

The colder weather has arrived and for many horse owners this snap in the air can spell stiffer joints for their equines. Our horse's joints are crucial as they facilitate movement and absorb impact but over time joints naturally suffer wear and tear resulting in stiffness. Taking good care of your equine's joints can help to ensure your horse or pony remains comfortable and happy in their work...

Essential Electrolytes

Apr 12, 2013

With the Eventing season upon us it is time to get organised and make sure your equine kit contains Electrolytes with MSM and Vitamins; crucial for your horse's recovery after competing. When travelling, competing, in hot and humid environments or when stressed, your horse sweats! This action of sweating is actually beneficial as it allows our horses to reduce their body temperature as the swea...

Nicola Gillespie Crolla explains why she loves Competition Horse Supplement

Apr 04, 2013

Scottish Grand Prix Dressage rider Nicola Gillespie Crolla, current Scottish Dressage Champion at Advanced Medium and PSG level, can vouch for the benefits of Competition Horse Supplement; she began using the supplement initially for just one horse, but quickly based her whole yard on the product. Nicola said: "Though my horses have an excellent diet, like all equines they may be lacking in som...

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