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Prepare in Advance for Muddy Legs

Sep 26, 2018

The beginning of Autumn will mean our yards and fields will start getting wet and Muddy. This means many horse owners will start dreading skin conditions  associated with Mud. Mud Fever! A common winter related condition is pastern dermatitis, mud rash or mud fever which causes painful skin irritation and infected sores that can cause swelling in the limb and even lameness! The Cause The bacter...

Canine Allergies

Jun 20, 2014

The number of dogs with allergies has increased dramatically in recent years. It is now estimated that one in seven dogs suffer from allergic symptoms with skin allergies being the most common. Though certain breeds appear to be more allergy prone and genetics plays a role, all breeds and their mixes can be affected. The term allergy describes an unpleasant reaction caused by either a food, an ...

Caring for Dogs with Sensitive Skin

May 21, 2014

Some canines, just like people, have more sensitive skin than others with problems such as dry, flaky skin, itchiness, inflammation or a dull coat affecting a vast range of the dog population in a variety of breeds. Skin issues can be caused by many factors with a range of environmental/management problems resulting in poor skin. In addition food intolerances or the lack of important nutrients ...

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