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Benefits of Pre and ProBiotics

Nov 12, 2015

Many horse owners are keen to find out more about the benefits of giving microbial supplements, such as probiotics and prebiotics. Essentially, the equine hindgut contains billions of fibre-fermenting bacteria that create an energy source and maintain digestive health. Fibre-digesting bacteria are the ‘good bugs’ and are essential for digestive efficiency. Bad bugs may cause pathologies if they...

The Sensitive Equine Digestive System

Sep 16, 2014

Our nutritional advisor and company partner Peter Fishpool is an expert on equine and canine health. Horses and ponies are notorious for their sensitive digestive systems, prone to all-too-common digestive upsets such as colic or gastric ulcers, so in our latest blog we look at how to feed these four-legged creatures sensitively and safely. Peter Fishpool says... "The horse’s unique and sensiti...

What Nutrients do our Equines Require and Why?

Mar 05, 2014

Balancing a horse’s diet while meeting the digestible energy requirements is extremely important. Each and every horse requires specific nutrients dependant on their age, workload and their access to good quality pasture. Nutrient content should be considered when looking at the overall feeding program, so Scientific Nutritional Products takes a look at what nutrients our horses need and why. T...

Essential Electrolytes

Apr 12, 2013

With the Eventing season upon us it is time to get organised and make sure your equine kit contains Electrolytes with MSM and Vitamins; crucial for your horse's recovery after competing. When travelling, competing, in hot and humid environments or when stressed, your horse sweats! This action of sweating is actually beneficial as it allows our horses to reduce their body temperature as the swea...

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