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Supporting your Horse’s Joints this Season

Nov 29, 2017

The colder weather has arrived and for many horse owners this snap in the air can spell stiffer joints for their equines. Our horse's joints are crucial as they facilitate movement and absorb impact but over time joints naturally suffer wear and tear resulting in stiffness. Taking good care of your equine's joints can help to ensure your horse or pony remains comfortable and happy in their work...

The Veteran Horse

Oct 18, 2017

These days just like us, our horses are living longer as a result of better healthcare, diet and a deeper understanding of science but there are some inevitable signs of age which will affect our horses and dictate their needs for some level of specialist care. A horse over the age of fifteen years old is in fact classed as a veteran, but many of our equine friends go on to enjoy an active, hea...

Maximising your Riding Opportunities this Autumn

Oct 05, 2017

Whether your equine is a hard-working competition horse or a happy hacker the autumn months bring about new challenges for the horse owner such as reduced light, colder weather, mud and depending on temperament a lack of enjoy or fresh behaviour from our horses. So in our latest blog we take a look at maximising your opportunities to ride this autumn. There are lots of things to get involved i...

Eventing Inspired: Burghley Horse Trials

Sep 05, 2017

EVENTING: a thrilling sport, known as the 'ultimate test of horse and rider' captivates the imagination of many but yet requires dedication, hard graft, as well as the optimum health and fitness of our equine partners! Never is this more true than at the highest level of the sport and last weekend saw the 2017 Land Rover Burghley Horse Trials taking place where a top class field competed to tak...

Safety when Hacking and the UK’s Bridleways

Jun 23, 2017

The warmer weather and longer evenings June has brought, has inspired we equestrians to get out hacking and enjoying the countryside! However in order to enjoy hacking our horses and ponies to the full it is essential that we are up to speed with our riding and road safety knowledge and where we can ride off the road to enjoy the UK’s bridleways. Our horse’s are flight animals and this means t...

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