Take the Stress Out of Travelling

Aug 09, 2013

The summer competition season is in full swing , so whether you are out competing or taking part in Pony Club Camp or Riding Club activities there is plenty of fun and excitement to be had. However for our equine friends travelling can sometimes induce stress which can lead to weight loss, tiredness and a bad, upset temperament. If you horse becomes stressed whilst travelling it can be a diffic...

Keep Your Equine’s Waistline in Check!

Aug 02, 2013

Feeding horses and ponies that are prone to gaining weight can be a real puzzle for lots equine owners. Just like us some equines are the characterised by only having to look at a lush pasture to gain a few pounds, but how do we keep their waistline in check whilst providing all nutrients they need to live a healthy lifestyle? Some breeds, particularly native types are sensitive to grass which ...

Summer Paddock Maintenance for Your Equine

Jul 26, 2013

The recent weather has finally brought us beautiful sunshine and scorching temperatures promoting plenty of smiles and quantities of vitamin D within both our and our equine's bodies. However it is important to bear in mind that the summer climate can often lead to a reduced quality and quantity of grazing, resulting in poor pasture for our horses and ponies. This is because the powerful sun ca...

Maintaining Equine Hydration During the Summer Months

Jul 05, 2013

During high levels of exercise and when temperatures increase during the summer months it is vital that we ensure our horses and ponies are drinking sufficient levels of water to maintain optimum health. Water is a macronutrient and supplying sufficient quantities is essential to the body’s functioning. Alongside buckets of water, providing ample forage in the diet can help to retain water in t...

Canine Behaviour

Jun 28, 2013

Today, many more dog owners are on board with gentle, reward-based training using toys, treats, play and praise rather that scolding or physical disciplining. But what do you do if your dog doesn't comply to your requests? Our latest blog is especially for dog owners with important factors highlighted helping to explain why your dog may not be completing your commands, with useful tips with how...

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