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Spruce up for Spring

Apr 19, 2017

Spring is just about here, and many of us are looking forward to enjoying some time off work, school or university over Easter time. For the majority of equestrians, more time off means only one thing; more time spent at the stables! Why not take the opportunity as well as riding to get grooming your horse, and get him spruced up for spring by completing those extra jobs that are always hanging...

Summer Happy!

Aug 04, 2015

With summer in full swing horse owners are getting to enjoy the long sun-filled days, shows and events and considerably less mucking out! However horse owners also need to be prepared for the flies, sunburn and hard ground which may affect their equine's wellbeing. Scientific Nutritional Products takes a look... Five Top Tips for Equine Summer Care from Scientific Nutritional Products 1.) If...

Feeding and Supplementing the Hunter’s Diet

Nov 07, 2014

Autumn and winter can be a gloomy time for horse owners but for many it does bring with it the thrill of hunting.  Riding around the British countryside on horse-back is exhilarating but do you know how to keep your horse safe and comfortable whilst you are tackling various terrain at speed? Hunters require high energy and stamina and many people struggle during the winter keeping weight on th...

Enhance your Hunter’s Diet this Season

Nov 04, 2014

If you are one of the many riders who enjoy hunting at this time of year you will need to make sure that your horse or pony is at optimum fitness before undertaking the season.  Though there are regular breaks and periods of standing still on the field your horse does need to be fit enough to undertake an extended duration of work, be able to canter both up and down hills and undertake jumping ...

Managing with the Mud this Autumn!

Oct 29, 2014

By Peter Fishpool, nutritional expert at Scientific Nutritional ProductsAs the autumn weather gets into full swing many of us in the UK are experiencing more of the cliché weather bringing rain and mud to the yard. More importantly than horse owners having to struggle around in wellies are skin conditions developing in horses and ponies, very common in wet, boggy conditions.How Can Equine Mud R...

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