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Equine Hoof Health in Summertime

Jul 23, 2014

Many horse owners will be familiar with the frustration of lost shoes and cracked, split feet during the summer months. The old adage; ‘No foot, no horse, is just as true as it ever was, so in our latest blog Scientific Nutritional Products takes a look at equine hoof care during summertime. Dry weather can lead to a lack of moisture in the foot which can result in poor hoof condition, whilst ...

Feeding the Good Doer

Jul 16, 2014

Certain horses and ponies are what is known as 'good doers', these types are typically native breeds such as the Connemara, Highlands, Shetlands and New Forest ponies to name but a few. These breeds are easy keepers as they have evolved to survive in harsh conditions hence are able to 'make the most of poor quality grazing whilst constantly being on the move for better pasture. The majority of ...

Keeping Hard working Joints Mobile

May 16, 2014

With the competition season in full swing and many pleasure riders under taking longer rides and fun shows it is important to consider protecting our horses joints from natural wear and tear; prolonging their ability to perform at their best in total comfort. Including a Horse Joint Supplement in your equine's diet can help those horses presenting with stiffer movement and uncomfortable joints...

Support your Equine with Electrolytes

May 09, 2014

Whether you are competing in disciplines such as Eventing, Racing, Dressage or Show Jumping or simply exercising your leisure horse on a hot day electrolytes are a vital piece of equine kit; crucial for your horse's ‘recovery’ following hard work. When travelling, competing, or when in hot and humid environments your horse sweats! This action of sweating is actually beneficial to our horses as ...

Managing Spring Pasture

Apr 02, 2014

The UK have finally been, after a long, wet winter, enjoying some brighter weather leaving us itching to get our horses out to pasture. During spring time the grass grows thick and fast but sometimes putting our horses out for a long duration too soon can limit the productivity of the pasture for the summer months. In addition sometimes allowing your equine to graze too much after a winter can ...

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