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Taking up New Hobbies with your Dog

Aug 02, 2018

Your dog loves spending time with you and what better than to start a new hobby or pastime with your canine friend? Scientific Nutritional Products takes a look at a few, fun activities you can undertake with your canine friend! Dog Showing Prior to undertaking showing classes it is vital to ensure your dog is in optimum health. Health is of paramount importance, so ensure your dog is being pro...

Why Do Dogs Lick Us?

Jul 12, 2018

Whether they are small or large many of our canine friends choose to lick us, their owners and loved ones. It can be wonderful to receive 'doggy kisses' but sometimes it is just simply too much. Often dogs lick us in order to display their affection but there are actually a variety of other reasons our canine friends shower us with 'licks of love'. Scientific Nutritional Products takes a look i...

Coping with Losing your Dog

Jun 01, 2018

In our blog this week we are going to discuss the sensitive topic of losing your beloved canine friend. Though not an easy topic to touch on, as pet owners committed to your animals for life, it is a heart breaking, yet inevitable hurdle you must cross at some stage so we take a look and share our tips and advice on how to cope in this difficult situation. Firstly we would like to highlight tha...

Grooming your Dog

Apr 13, 2018

Regular, thorough grooming is important for your canine friend and taking good care of his skin and coat will allow him to remain clean and healthy. A good grooming session will prevent any build up of dirt and bacteria in your canine's coat keeping him comfortable and infection-free. Keeping your four-legged friend dirt free can prove more of a challenge in the autumn and winter months with m...

Taking your Dog on Holiday at Easter

Mar 27, 2018

For dog lovers there’s nothing better than taking your four-legged friends on a UK holiday, but on the flip-side there really would be nothing worse than losing your dog when they’re away from home. Sadly, each year a number of pets run away while they’re on trips with their families, and though the majority are found, it can be much more difficult when your canine is in an unfamiliar environme...

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